Spiritual Musings: Be Yourself.

Hi everyone, I am home from Boston and I had a blast!! I’ll make a post about it later this week, however I wanted to talk a bit about the Gods and our relationship with them. As the title says, you should ‘be yourself’ and while I pondered on this today I figured out exactly why. When people start out on the polytheist path, they often stress (like I did) on finding their ‘patron’ deities. People are often ‘chosen’ by various deities, however there are cases where we ourselves find them. That’s completely alright.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, I really don’t… however I myself, was chosen by two very powerful deities: Freyja and The Morrigan. I personally didn’t understand why for a good few years and often ran away from them and their call. However as I learned to finally accept their blessings, I have found it’s very rewarding and humbling. But of course with great gods comes great responsibility. I often got scared about how I presented myself and worried about losing the favor and love of my gods. Today I finally realized that won’t happen, because they love me for ME.

And that my friends, is the lesson.

If you want to find that special connection with deity you ever so crave, be yourself. Trust me, there will be times where a deity comes to you and you’ll go “who, this me?” or even outright reject them because it wasn’t who you expected or wanted (which when you think about it, it’s a problematic mindset. The gods aren’t collectables) But trust me when I say there is a reason for it. You were most likely ‘chosen’ because you are compatible with said deity. It’s JUST like making friends. There will also be times where a deity will approach you because they just want something from you. That is normal, and it is OK to say ‘no’. JUST throwing that out there. When it’s a relationship that’s ‘meant to be’ you’ll know. They will tell you in their own way.

Anyways, the lesson here I learned is stop stressin’ and be who you are naturally. Because the Gods love you that way and don’t want it any other way. Change for the better… but don’t change who you are as a person.

About Stephanie d.

Gaelic Polytheist. Animist. Traditional witch. Artist.
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