On Pleasing The Morrigan (NOTE: Potential UPG)

Lately The Morrigan hasn’t exactly been very pleased with my progress in our relationship and it’s really put a downer on me. While I knew what I was getting myself into when welcoming her into my life, I never understood at the time the emotional toll it would potentially take on me. It’s not comforting at all feeling like you’re letting your Gods down… and lately I feel like a failure.


The Morrigan in my experience doesn’t want ‘cute’ and fancy gifts as offerings. I find personally she could care less about the devotional art I do for her. What she DOES want is constant, consistent growth and change and I personally haven’t been putting my best foot forward lately. The Morrigan also requires constant attention and devotion and it’s proved challenging due to physical and mental health limitation as well as figuring out what she generally likes. I personally haven’t figured out any good devotional activities for her yet, so it’ll be interesting to see what I discover along the way through trial and error. As someone currently on a journey to lose extra weight and get healthy, I figure I can devote clean eating and exercising to her. It however feels like a cop-out though because it’s generally more for ME than her. But I digress…

The good news is after divining messages from her namesake tonight, she encouraged me that change is coming soon and I should celebrate. The Morrigan is a tough goddess but she is not cruel. I realize as I type this that while she is overbearing, she still empowers us in her own way. It’s a matter of us getting up when we fall and she’s not going to do it for us. Sometimes we have to get up by ourselves in order to grow as stronger people.

I feel a bit better after her encouragement tonight even if she basically handed my ass to me at first. If I can say one thing, I respect Morrigan’s no-bullshit honesty. I like the fact she doesn’t sugar coat things and tells me to my face… something people have failed me on in the past. The Morrigan isn’t for everyone granted, but if you can handle her blunt attitude it’s ultimately rewarding. For me, she inspires me to be the best I can be and that’s all I can ask for.



About Stephanie d.

Gaelic Polytheist. Animist. Traditional witch. Artist.
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