Recent Going Ons… PT 2

I know it’s pretty soon (only hours apart) to make another entry but after sitting down and thinking about things for a bit I wanted to share a few more tidbits:

cw: death

Lately I’ve been feeling very sad and it’s affecting my practice. I feel I’m going through either a transition or a fallow time and I’ll explain in the best way possible. Many people around me whether directly or indirectly are dying. Every day on my facebook feed, someone has unexpectedly died in a fellow friend’s life. For me, I received news last night my Aunt has only three weeks left to live as cancer has finally taken its toll on her. In a strange way, I feel this is all indirectly affecting my mood… sounds crazy, but hear me out.

Fall is coming and for me it is a time of personal and even physical transition and death. Incidentally, as I’m typing this out I just realized this all may be a sign Marzanna is very much here. UPG/SPG: I hear she tends to show up when even literal death shows up in one’s life, thus why my mood is so wacky recently. I think it’s pretty obvious now Marzanna is here as her time comes closer and closer among us. It needs to be addressed obviously, but I’m not sure what choice to make yet… I guess it’s a fear of the unknown and making the wrong decision. I asked my friend to divine for me since I’m not great at always doing so myself. And the good news it Morrigan supports my endeavors with Marzanna so long as I’m making the choice that makes me happiest. That personally brings me comfort.

Anyways, I think I may have to dedicate a shrine/altar to Marzanna.

Relevant music in my life:


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