Not Always The Obvious.

Around this time last year, The Morrigan came into my life. With that said, her first task for me was to discover WHICH aspect was contacting me and I thought the answer was obvious based upon the clues she gave me. “Anu”. The reason being for this was in my dream meeting her, she showed me an image of my personal copy of “The Mabinogion” and my mind instantly shifted to the Welsh goddess Dôn.

Dôn+Danu=ANU in my mind.

The clue seemed so obvious, yet was it really? I ask because since that initial meeting I never received physical signs from the Morrigan in my day-to-day life causing me to question my experience. I finally (maybe) found out tonight, the answer isn’t always the obvious and my blog name “Steeds of Macha” is so ironic in this situation. The clue was “Rhiannon”. The answer is Macha, and I’ve felt and seen her presence for years before I even knew what polytheism was.

Let us take a look at Macha and Rhiannon for a minute. Both are “celtic” deities (albeit from different cultures) who are extremely similar in nature. Both are sovereign, otherworldly, horse goddesses associated with death, fertility, and transformation. Both are also titled as ‘great queens’ and potentially associated with ‘fae’ (don’t quote me of that one) Whats even more fascinating to me is how similar their stories are when you read between the lines given the hardships they went through. I feel confident finally that this is the potential answer and the message that needed to cross my way.

UPG/Personal Experiences:

After giving food and incense offerings specifically to Macha, I felt an immediate and overwhelming presence during prayer. I felt a rather kind and patient goddess, obviously a mother figure. I felt the waves of the Irish sea along the plains. I felt the breeze of the open air. Most of all, I felt her kindness and reassurance that I am welcome among her ranks. She felt very hospitable and open.

After closing prayer, I drew a few cards and to my amazement, I felt she was very compassionate about the recent passing of my aunt (I told her, but I was surprised after giving myself a few minutes to read the cards that was her message) her feedback on that was the fact that death is obviously a natural part of life, however I shouldn’t let it completely weight me down and that the sun always shines after an ending. This is obviously my interpretation and prone to error.

I’m extremely excited to see where my relationship with Macha heads. On a last note, I wanted to share a funny story. Around six years ago when I still identified as Catholic and didn’t know the old gods “existed”, I looked out my window and literally saw a miniature horse run in and out of my front yard galloping about. Now, I live in farmlands where neighbors have horses… but I never knew any of them to have that specific breed. Who knows, maybe one got loose and decided to give me a visit. Maybe I was seeing things. But deep down I like to think that was just the beginning and someone was certainly watching. I’ve felt “horse” energy for years but never knew why. Kind of makes me wonder… either way when I told Macha these stories during prayer I could feel her smile knowingly 😉

Thanks for reading.


About Stephanie d.

Gaelic Polytheist. Animist. Traditional witch. Artist.
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5 Responses to Not Always The Obvious.

  1. I first came across the links between Rhiannon and Macha in a devotional anthology to the Mare Goddess called ‘The Grey Mare on the Hill’ which I had contributed to – and didn’t twig at that point that Macha is also one of the three Morrigans. Fascinating. And good luck in developing your relationship with her 🙂

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  2. greg says:

    You seeing that horse feels familiar. I had an experience of meeting a horse in unusual circumstances which confirmed my relationship with Rhiannon.

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