“Steeds of Macha” is a Virginia-based Gaelic Polytheist and traditional witch (beginner) devoted to The Morrígan (specifically in her aspect of “Macha”) along with the goddess “Freyja”. She also takes an interest in modern druidry and folk magic as well as various mythology and folklore from cultures across the globe. This blog was created as a personal grimoire of sorts to document her ever-changing craft and spirituality. She chooses to go by “Rowan” online. However, her birth name is “Stephanie”. Stephanie is currently a self-taught illustrator, artist, and Gaelic Polytheist with goals of becoming a certified personal trainer.

Interested in traditional witchcraft and folk magic, Stephanie pulls mainly from Irish, Scottish, Cornish, and local Virginia-based resources. She hopes to eventually create a full-on practice with her chosen sources and cultures to create both an ancestral and local based craft. She also practices Animism, Devotional Polytheism, and Ancestor veneration.

Stephanie currently lives with her family and four beautiful dogs.