On Finding My Path

In 2013 I discovered polytheism was still a widely practiced religion across the globe through a mutual friend at the time and I set of on a journey that would change my outlook on life forever. After literally going through almost every (open) pantheon in existence, I can finally say I finally found my home in Gaelic Polytheism. For once, I am happy with where I am in my spirituality.

I don’t have an anniversary I celebrate since I don’t remember the exact date I started my journey. However, I feel today is cause for celebration as I sit back and muse on how I got here and what I learned along the way. While most people choose their paths and stick with it, my path chose me. I received a dream from both Freyja and Anann in early September 2016 that kickstarted a journey in Irish Polytheism. I honestly never would have guessed that Irish/Gaelic Polytheism was the path for me, yet here I am. Within Gaelic Polytheism, I have found family, community, and a sense of self-worth. I have grown emotionally, politically, and mentally. Even physically. All for the better. Sometimes in the beginning I would stray because I wasn’t completely sure, but today I finally feel at peace with where I am spiritually and I’m so excited to see where my path grows from here on out.

Here’s a toast to the good life and the good folk.

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Many Gods. Many Blessings.

It’s Saturday afternoon here on the east coast and I started off my morning like any other day sitting at the altar and spending time with the deities whom I am personally devoted to. This morning after getting a tarot reading from a friend, I chose to spend time with Anu/Anann and thank her for the blessings she has given me in life so far. Anann has been asking me to get to know her better and spend more time with her… so I eagerly obliged.


My Current Altar Set-up

As I chatted away, I came to the realization how blessed I truly am. I personally don’t have the most confidence in the world and never really loved myself. For some reason however, such great deities as “The Morrigan” and “Freyja” have taken an interest in me over the years and become my main deities. Apparently I exhibit qualities they look for and admire in others.

I know it’s not wise to challenge or question the gods. However, I can’t help but constantly ask “why me”? None the less, they see something in me and that’s what is important. I realize through these moments that despite the mental health issues I endure in life such as anxiety and depression… I really am blessed. I am thankful for my Gods and I am thankful for all they have done for me. Their love and kindness has gotten me through the worst.

Anyways, I’ll be on the way to Boston tomorrow. I pray for safe travels.

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