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Not Always The Obvious.

Around this time last year, The Morrigan came into my life. With that said, her first task for me was to discover WHICH aspect was contacting me and I thought the answer was obvious based upon the clues she gave … Continue reading

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Recent Going Ons… PT 2

I know it’s pretty soon (only hours apart) to make another entry but after sitting down and thinking about things for a bit I wanted to share a few more tidbits: cw: death Lately I’ve been feeling very sad and … Continue reading

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On Pleasing The Morrigan (NOTE: Potential UPG)

Lately The Morrigan hasn’t exactly been very pleased with my progress in our relationship and it’s really put a downer on me. While I knew what I was getting myself into when welcoming her into my life, I never understood … Continue reading

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Many Gods. Many Blessings.

This is the post excerpt. Continue reading

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